My research focus on the ways in which caregivers in elderly care reason and respond to questions related to ethnicity. The research aims to delve into the complexities of caregiving beyond the immediate client-caregiver relationship and explore social relations shaped by structural conditions as described by the caregivers themselves. The ultimate goal is to highlight the interconnection between practical actions in the caregivers' life world and the discourses that influence and regulate them. The key components:

Research Focus: Caregivers within elderly care and their reasoning and responses to questions regarding ethnicity. Overarching Aim: To explore the complexities of caregiving beyond client-caregiver relations and focus on social relations influenced by structural conditions reported by caregivers. Methodology and Approach: Using discourse analysis to understand how discourses create spaces for specific practices in society. Connection to Structural Conditions: Investigating how practical actions in the life world of caregivers are linked to and regulated by the discourses that inform them.

Keywords: Caregiving: The central theme, involving the provision of care for the elderly. Migration: Suggesting a potential connection to the movement of people, possibly caregivers or elderly individuals. Gender: Indicating a consideration of how gender may influence caregiving dynamics. Class: Suggesting an examination of socio-economic class and its impact on caregiving. Working Conditions: Highlighting the importance of understanding the conditions under which caregivers operate. Ethnicity: The main focus, indicating an exploration of how ethnicity is perceived and dealt with in caregiving. Discourse Analysis: The methodological approach to understanding the interplay between language, power, and social constructions.

This research appears to adopt a multidimensional approach, considering various aspects such as migration, gender, class, and working conditions, while emphasizing the role of discourse in shaping and regulating caregiving practices. It aims to contribute to a broader understanding of the social dimensions of caregiving within the context of structural conditions.

Research Projects

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