Main research interests: working-class literature, comics, urbanity in literature, literature and ethnicity, marxist literary theory, and heavy metal.

Currently, I am mainly working with modern Swedish working-class poetry and working-class comics.

Selected publications in English:
- "Economic inequality, Marxist theory, and Swedish-language working-class literature" in Studia Neophilologica - "Class, Taste, and Literature: The Case of Ivar Lo-Johansson and Swedish Working- Class Literature" in Journal of Working-Class Studies - Working-Class Literature(s): Historical and International Perspectives, (co-edited with John Lennon, University of South Florida). The collection is presented in this film, with English subtitles. - "Working-class comics? Proletarian self-reflexiveness in Mats Källblad’s graphic novel Hundra år i samma klass" in Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics

A summary in English of the main argument in my book "Den föreställda mångkulturen: Klass och etnicitet i svensk samtidsprosa" (Imagined Cultural Diversity: Class and Ethnicity in Conteporary Swedish Prose Fiction) can be found here

List of publications