Language and literature at Malmö University is focused on comparative literature, English literature and linguistics, creative writing, comics research, oral history, visual studies and language and literature didactics – an educational research field that includes Swedish, Swedish as a second language, and English with a didactic focus.

Language and literature in diffent contexts

In this research subject, language and literature are phenomenas that are interesting in their own rights, but they are also analysed in various historical, social, political, and aesthetical contexts. The subject has a broad and inclusive view of language and literature, which makes it possible to engage with new objects of study (older as well as contemporary). The interdisciplinary approach also results in an ability to develop new theoretical and methodological approaches. 

Current research at the School of Arts and Communication, K3, focuses on, among other things, strategies of representation in comics, literary practices within the Swedish unions during the second half of the the 20th century, ideophones — also known as expressives and mimetics — which are marked words that depict sensory imagery, the function of intellectuals for Swedish society between 1960-2020, and the functional consequences of composition on comics' narratives.

Language and literature didactics

Within this research topic, questions about language development, learning in the media landscape, literature and media reception, language and subject learning and multilingualism are central.

Important elements in the education are studies of children, young people and adults' encounters with and production of texts in different situations, oral as well as written in different media forms.

The conditions for language development are studied in a broader perspective and include the school subjects; Swedish, Swedish as a second language, and English, as well as their use in other school subjects, in higher education and in contexts where learning is not institutionally framed.

Researchers, publications and projects


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