I am a Senior Lecturer in Endodontics at the Faculty of Odontology, and teach in the Dentistry programme and the Complementary programme for dentists with a dental degree from outside the EU/EES and Switzerland. I supervise students and dentists on advanced and doctoral level and also in clinical specialist training.

In 2011, I presented my doctoral dissertation (Odont. Dr./Ph.D.) titled ”Chronic intraoral pain – diagnostic methods and prognosis”. My research is mainly related to development of diagnostics in the field of orofacial pain, in relation to inflammatory dental disease and other pain causes such as neuropathy. Another research interest is risk assessment and decision-making in dentistry.

I am licensed to practice dentistry since 1993, a board-certified clinical specialist in Endodontics since 2013, and Associate Professor at Malmö University since 2017.

Within the European Society of Endodontology I contribute to quality work through development of guidelines for reporting of research and certification of clinical Postgraduate programmes. I am active in the organisation’s Education and Scholarship Committee, working with educational issues in Endodontics such as curriculum guidelines.

Parallel to my work, since 2020 I am a student in Malmö University’s 2-year master programme ”Teaching and learning in higher education”.

Research Projects

You can find previous research projects in the Diva database.