My name is Maria Silwer, and I'm a PhD student at department of NMS (Science, Mathematics and Society. My research interest is in feedback in digital programs used in the mathematics classroom when students are learning mathematics. How does this feedback invite students in learning mathematics, or not? How does feedback affect the identity formation of the pupils? The focus is on pupils in grades 4-6 in Sweden.


My background consists of a long teaching experience as a teacher and tutor (in mathematics) for pupils in grades 1-6. I have also worked with teacher education i mathematiks education at what was then called Pedagogisk Inspiration in Malmö, been a mathematics developer in one of Malmö's districts and led the mathematics lift. In recent years, I have worked as a teacher in mathematics education at Kristianstad University.

Right now

Right now am I teaching Mathematics Education to preschool teachers teaching in pre-school classes and will be visiting teachers to bee, in practice. I'm also a tutor in a mathematics network.

Cenferences where I've been precenting my research:

  • 2024 - Matematikbiennalen

  • 2024 - MADIF-14

  • 2024 - Poster presentation on FAME (Holland)

  • 2024 - Presentation of my research on OsloMet