I am aiming to work with the development and application of methods in computer science, including optimization, simulation, agent technology, and machine learning in order to build decision support systems in the area of health care logistics, with special focus on stroke patients.

Stroke is a medical condition resulting in reduced blood flow in the vessels inside the brain. The lack of blood flow causes severe damage on the brain cells, and without immediate treatment, the patient has a low chance to make a satisfactory recovery and almost two in five patients die. However, providing fast treatment of stroke patients is far from trivial, which to a large extent is due to logistical challenges.

Our work is expected to result in strategic and operational decision support to 1. Identify logistical approaches that have potential to reduce the time from emergency call to treatment of patients. 2. Evaluate the identified approaches using simulation. 3. Suggest operational solutions in real time.

In particular, optimization and simulation are involved in the identification and evaluation of actions, and machine learning methodology is involved to generate operational decision support