I am new as assistant professor at Malmö University (August 2023), but I have had the same role at Kristianstad University since 2010. Before that, I worked for 10 years at ABB and Ericsson.

During my time in the industry, I mainly focused on business development using tools like Lean and Six Sigma. In these contexts, I often worked with the analysis of large datasets to understand, model, and predict different variables of interest. For instance, this could involve creating a model for the time it takes to install a base station or the cost of producing a distribution transformer with a specific given specification. The skills I acquired in the industry have been highly beneficial in my later work at the university and in my research.

During my time as a doctoral student, my research was primarily centered around evaluating how new techniques for goods identification in value chains impact the overall efficiency of a logistics system and how these techniques can be used to make the system more resilient to disruptions.

To address these questions, I primarily worked with discrete-event simulation of various logistics systems and analyzed these simulation models. One of my early case studies focused on how smart sensors in recycling containers can be utilized to optimize the transportation and emptying of full containers, and this study has subsequently led to investigations that also addressed various behavioral aspects within recycling. Given my extensive background in practical data modeling across different contexts, statistics and machine learning are tools I am well acquainted with and utilize in my various research projects."