Sabina Jallow is currently working with the research project "A multitude of places at the same location: On neighborhood transformation and dialogue with the act of photographing as a pedagogical meeting, and communicative polyphonous methods".

The PhD project started in September 2018 and aims to investigate the vices that produce the notion of Rosengård (a neighborhood in Malmö planned and built in the 1960-70’s). The PhD project will make use of photographic images and the photographic acts to explore how more stories about the present and potential future of places can be active in conversations between people working in architecture and urban planning and people who live and work in the city. Can the everyday life in the district Herrgården be highlighted through the photographic act, meetings around the photographic image or the procedures of photography? Main supervisor is Per-markku Ristilammi.

The project is part of the research platform "Rosengård – värden och utmaningar i skuggan av en stadsutvecklingsprocess" (literally translated: Rosengård – Values and challenges in the shadow of a city development process). The platform is led by Jonas Alwall in collaboration with researchers, in architecture, community planning, organization, urban sociology and ethnology. The platform does not focus on the city development process Amiralstad as such, but at the area of influence, not primarily part of the exploitation area but found in its margins. Specifically, it is about the effects in the area of Rosengård - as an existing built environment and living place for people in a marginal and socioeconomically vulnerable position - now becoming connected to the city's priority development area.

Sabina is also part of the research project "TELE_SCOPE", led by Emma Nilsson at Lund School of Architecture. The project will investigate how architecture photography can be developed to better capture the roles of architecture as a lived experience and how architecture photography can be used as part of an architectural design process. By developing and using three different methods: photo-archaeology, photo-anthropology and photo-architecture. In addition to the narratives generated by the photographic investigations an important contribution by the project is the development of an architecture photography methodology widening the scope of architectural practice and its ways of understanding, describing and shaping materiality, spatiality, temporality and process.

Sabina has been the coordinator of the "Architecture, Visualization and Communication program" at the Department of Urban studies, Malmö University. She is trained as a landscape architect at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning & Management and at the University of Venice (IUAV), department of Art & Design. Sabina has been working as lecturer and research assistant since 2006. She has also been involved in exhibition pedagogy, art projects and tree care with a special interest in pruning pear and apple trees.