I am interested in the transdisciplinary teaching of environmental wicked problems, in the emotions that students show when facing these issues, as well as the competences they employ.

Currently I am working on:

  • a quantitative study of the global competency assessment from PISA 2018,
  • a series of workshops on environmental wicked problems in middle school, using process drama to facilitate encounters between students and environmental issues

I hold a PhD from Boston University in Earth and Environmental Sciences, where I analyzed the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) historically and in model projections. Here is a pop-science article about my research in climate science.


Here at MaU, I have taken part in various courses in geography, environmental physics, and quantitative methodologies.


From May 2022, I have worked part-time as the project manager of the 2024 NERA conference, which was held in Malmö, over three days 6-8 March 2024. The participants were 912, coming from 24 countries, and presented in various formats more than 600 novel contributions in educational science.

During 2022 and 2023, I have been working within a university-driven initiative providing quantitative support for staff members. I planned and carried out workshops on quantitative methodologies, as well as statistical software (SPSS and R). Afterwords, one to one support was provided for researchers across faculties at MaU.