The research subject Science Education includes didactics related to the natural sciences. The areas of interest include teaching, learning, knowing and Bildung in relation to knowledge in and about science and related subject areas such as technology and environmental and sustainability education.

Subject didactics is a field of knowledge where educational research (mainly didactics) meets subject content and school practice. Research in Science Education can take its starting point from a teacher, student and/or citizen perspective. In a democratically and technologically developed society, scientific knowledge plays a pivotal role in people's opportunities to understand and act in an increasingly complex world. Therefore, Science Education research is interested in human knowledge and education in and about science and related subject areas. Other areas of interest include the choice of content, motivations for selection and what happens to disciplinary knowledge when it is transformed into content for teaching in schools. The research contributes to both curriculum and school development.

The core of the research subject is perspectives and models that are useful for science teachers (all ages) in planning, implementation and analysis of teaching. Within the subject, relationships between the specific subject content and how this is communicated in different environments are also investigated, as well as how individuals and groups develop and use scientific knowledge in these contexts.

Literacy perspectives, Bildung, democracy issues and identity formation in relation to science are characteristic features of Science Education research at Malmö University. The research focuses on the societal perspectives on teaching and learning in and about science and related subjects such as technology and geography.

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