Contact person:
Kristina Edman
  • Malmö universitet
Project members at MaU:
External project members:
  • Anna W Gustafsson Lunds universitet
Collaborators :
  • Per Linell
Time frame:
01 October 2018 - 01 October 2024
Research subject:

Project description

Children’s right to involvement in practices that address their well-being is frequently highlighted, yet how children exercise involvement and how practitioners may facilitate their involvement in supportive and therapeutic practices has remained fairly unknown.

In this project we set out to delineate how children exercise involvement and how practitioners facilitate it. Following Constructivist Grounded Theory and Microanalysis of Face-to-Face Dialogues, we attend to interactive processes in naturally occurring audiovisual recordings of supportive and therapeutic sessions in social services departments and mental health clinics. By grounding interviews in these recordings (the children and practitioners viewed their own recordings while being interviewed) we’ve also incorporated the children’s and practitioners’ perspectives on the topic.