Contact person:
Helena Holmström Olsson
  • Vinnova
Responsible at MaU:
Helena Holmström Olsson
Project members at MaU:
External project members:
  • Jan Bosch – Chalmers University of Technology (Co-Director)
  • Mikael Sjödin – Mälardalen University (Co-Director)
  • Jan Carlson – Mälardalen University
  • Kristian Sandahl – Linköping University
  • Miroslaw Staron – Gothenburg University
Collaborators :
  • Axis Communications DEIF Ericsson Grundfos Holding Jeppesen
  • Systems Saab Scania Siemens Tetra Pak Volvo Car Corporation Volvo Technology
Time frame:
01 January 2024 - 01 January 2028
Research subject:

About the project

The focus of this competence center is to enable transformation of the software-intensive systems industry into a digitized industry that can fully benefit from next-generation computing and communications infrastructure.