Contact person:
Robin Björkas
  • Doctoral school for professionals in the social services
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Time frame:
01 September 2020 - 01 June 2024
Research subject:

About the project

Youths (13-17 years old) with a substance abuse are often referred to as particularly vulnerable when it comes to social problems, but also regarding sexual and reproductive ill-health. This includes, for example, early sexual debut, many sex partners, less condom use, more sexually transmitted diseases and more unplanned pregnancies.

Even though these youths are vulnerable when it comes to sexual and reproductive ill-health, child welfare workers often struggle to talk about these matters. This can be explained by the fact that it has not been common to learn about SRHR when studying to be a professional social worker. Therefore, I intend to investigate how child welfare workers understand these issues in child welfare assessments regarding youths with a substance abuse.

The study is based on qualitative interviews with social workers within the child welfare system.

Research school

This project is a part of the “research school for professionals within the social services”.