Contact person:
Robin Björkas
  • Doctoral school for professionals in the social services
Responsible at Malmö University:
Malin Lindroth
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Time frame:
01 September 2020 - 01 June 2024
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About the project

Young people with substance abuse are often referred to as particularly vulnerable regarding both social problems and sexual ill-health. The latter includes; early sexual debut, many sex partners, less condom use, more sexually transmitted diseases and more unplanned pregnancies. Many social workers display insecurity on how to talk about sexological issues. This can be explained by, for example, the fact that there has not been common to educate about these issues in the academic field of social work. In this study, I intend to study the social workers’ attitudes to assess issues concerning sexual health when doing social investigations of young people (-17 years) with substance abuse. The study will consist of two sub-studies; the first sub-study is a quantitative survey study that aims to examine social workers' attitudes to investigate issues concerning sexual health of young people (-17 years) in general. The second sub-study is a qualitative vignette study that aims to specifically study attitudes towards investigating young addicts and their sexual health.

Graduate school

The project is a part of "Graduate school for professionals in social services (FYS)”.