The Research Platform Global and Glocal Health (GGH) – Improving Knowledge for Health from a Multicultural and Equality Perspective in a Changing Society – is an interdisciplinary research environment on global and glocal health that combines various competencies and develops innovative knowledge. Based on the UN’s Agenda 2030, the platform takes on societal challenges in global health regarding stress and mental illness, strengthening sexual health and rights, and making education accessible to all.

Our research profile

The research at GGH aims to identify, link and develop interdisciplinary knowledge. This knowledge is needed to improve global and glocal health at individual, cultural and societal levels.

Theoretically, the GGH research platform is built on an intersectional perspective to understand and analyze how factors such as social class, gender, ethnicity, disability and sexuality affect health both globally and glocally. A further fundamental perspective is the concept of empowerment, which includes psychosocial control and opportunities to take care of one’s health, as well as social causes of ill health.

GGH connects action-based research with exploratory research on vulnerability, prevention and support at the intersection of social work, sexology, health sciences, educational sciences and criminology.


Reference group

Members of the reference group:

  • Anette Agardh, Lund University
  • Bo Petersson, The Faculty of Culture and Society
  • Karin Frydenlund, International Office/MaU
  • Gunta Lazdane, Prof. Reproductive Health, Institute of Public Health, Riga Stradiņš University
    Former Regional Advisor SRH, WHO/Europe
  • Emmanuella Ohale, UN Association Malmö
  • Pernilla Ouis, Halmstad University
  • Aleksandar Štulhofer, Zagreb University
  • Despina Tzimoula, College of Gender Studies/MaU
  • Mariia Tyshchenko, honorary doctorate at the Faculty of Culture and Society/MaU