Perspectives on Social Health (POSH) focus on social health, which has an impact on both physical and mental health. We collaborate specifically on aspects of validation, be it psychological, social, or cultural.

Our research

The question of validation is important, as existing research shows how various forms of validation are central to health and well-being: psychological/emotional validation in social interaction, social validation in terms of being recognized as a member of a social group, and cultural validation (‘cultural formulation’ within healthcare). Therefore, the platform’s shared research question is highly relevant from a societal and health perspective. POSH intend to collaboratively develop a theoretical contribution based on a number of pilot projects, with the ultimate goal of creating compelling applications for external funding and publications.


All researchers in the platform build upon their existing research, and through recurring seminars and workshops, we will have insight into everyone's pilot projects and work together towards strong applications as well as individual and collaborative publications. Established researchers, in addition to those now applying to conduct pilot projects, will be affiliated with the platform, as well as doctoral students within and outside the field of Health and Society.


Researchers and research projects