A number of research topics are being carried out in the field of civil engineering, these include: Indoor environments, BIM application and tools, Knowledge portal for the building industry which covers, for example,new construction, rebuilding, teaching materials and education development of construction production, risk and safety analysis of the workplaces, quality assurance within the production.

The research within the field of civil engineering is both diverse and broad due to the nature the field’s close connection, collaboration and application with the construction industry. The topics involve, for example, the stakeholders and various subject fields, including building materials, building physics, construction production, structural mechanics, installation technology, circular economy, sustainable construction, project management and economics.

Digitalisation within the construction and the society

The increment of digitalisation also influences the construction industry, including the stakeholders, construction processes and phases. Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been utilised to improve the management and organisation in different phases of the construction processes. It can contribute to a more optimised and efficient use of the resources, provide visualisation of the constructions, and improve the communication and the production management. It is an important tool for achieving the goal of sustainable development and the climate-neutral targets of the construction industry.

Indoor environment and sustainability

A building should offer a good indoor environment, which involves many different aspects, such as indoor air quality, thermal comfort, sanitation, sound environment,and light environment. At the same time, resource and energy use should be taken into account to achieve environmental requirements and climate goals. Equally, the concept of the circular economy should be applied. The research here is conducted from a systems perspective where human experience and behaviour are a central focus.

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