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  • Summer course, bachelor’s level
  • 4 credits
  • Malmö | daytime | 100%
  • 12 August 2024 - 1 September 2024
  • Full tuition fee: 7000 SEK

Open for late application

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About the course

Through the use of drama and acting techniques for voice and speech designed by actors, the student will discover an awareness of and improve the vocal apparatus and their body and the skills to use them in public speaking.

Learning activities are practical skills sessions in a rehearsal space, including physical and vocal exercises, memorizing text, oral presentation. All activities will require the student to speak aloud in front of the group and to use body language to enhance oral communication.

Course content

Entry requirements and selection


Entry requirements

General entry requirements + English 6


Upper secondary grades 34%, University credits completed 32%, Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (SweSAT) 34%

Course literature

Van Emden, Joan & Becker, Lucinda (2016). Presentation Skills for Students. London: Macmillian Education. (170 s)

Supplementary material provided by the course leader (max. 100 pages) and literature selected individually by the student in consultation with the course leader (max. 15 pages) will be added.

Course evaluation

Malmö University provides students who participate in, or who have completed a course, with the opportunity to express their opinions and describe their experiences of the course by completing a course evaluation administered by the University. The University will compile and summarise the results of course evaluations. The University will also inform participants of the results and any decisions relating to measures taken in response to the course evaluations. The results will be made available to the students (HF 1:14).

Malmö Day-time 100%

Malmö Day-time 33%

Malmö Day-time 25%