Anne-Marie Skriver Hansen is an interaction design researcher and teacher who is interested in the development of sustainable human and more-than-human relationships. In her PhD, she found that adults and children were able to non-verbally negotiate music improvisation on-the-fly through game-like electronic music instruments. Through the sound medium she studied the aesthetics of reciprocity and simultaneity - however, other kinds of media, cultural practices and wisdom traditions can support sustainable human and more-than-human relationships. Moving from the the field of HCI towards co-design and social innovation, Anne-Marie's current research is focused on designing for relations. According to Arturo Escobar (2020) Pluriversal politics, page 141:

"Designing another way of conceiving design means critically examining the dualist ontology of separation, control, and appropriation that has become dominant with Western capitalist patriarchal modernity, and examining the actual existence or potential creation of other rationalities and ways of being, especially those that emphasize the profound relationally and interconnectedness of all that exists. We might call this relational design."

The key phenomena that she explores are: shared awareness, joint attention, we-awareness, joint intentionality, a sense of belonging and shared identity. Key themes in her research are: eco-communities, transition movements, permaculture, wisdom practices and traditions, our connection with land, human capabilities and resources, social learning and computer supported cooperative work (CSCW).

Anne-Marie collaborates with researchers from Aarhus University and Technical University of Eindhoven to develop open educational resources for teaching value sensitive design - see more here: Our research group just started a new EU project where we will develop the values in design teaching activities further to also include teaching activities for upcoming designers that engage them in designing with more-than-human perspectives (link to project website will soon appear here). Hansen is also associated with the Collaborative Future-Making research group at Malmö University.