Cecilia Fåhraeus is a post-doctoral researcher in a FORMAS-funded project on the promotion of social sustainable housing through collaborative arrangements with regional and municipal actors in Skåne and Västra Götaland. Her research revolves around 1) statistical studies of moving patterns and social composition from a housing perspective, 2) the role of the physical environment in fostering meaningful interaction between different groups in socially mixed settlements, 3) generating innovative models of collaboration for socially sustainable housing.

Cecilia's research interests include socially sustainable housing in the Global North and Global South, participatory action research (PAR), slum as lived environment, and livelihood geographies. She relies on quantitative and qualitative methods in her work, as well as GIS.

Previous projects

Rights-based housing in sub-Saharan Africa (2022-2024). Research and collaboration project with Swedish NGO We Effect aimed at the formulation of a holistic and socially sustainable housing provision programme in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Dealing with Double Disaster: Exploring the impact of earthquake and Covid-19 on livelihoods in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. (2023)

Drawing a Livelihoodscape from the slum: Towards a spatial understanding of gendered livelihoods in Zambia (2020). Doctoral thesis.