Studies in Housing and Welfare (SBV) is a research group and a cross-disciplinary research environment. It deals with housing in a social context that is characterised by constant change.

Questions concerning housing have become increasingly pressing. Housing is more than four walls and a roof over one’s head. It is not only closely linked to issues of identity and well-being, but also to future prospects — for example, in terms of access to work and education.

The provision of housing is thereby crucial for a society's development in regards to equal growth and welfare. At the same time, society is facing challenges linked to changes in demographics, increased divides, and segregation —  challenges that are central issues for a socially sustainable housing provision today and in the future.

Studies in housing and welfare gather a number of research projects and researchers from different universities and faculties. The goal is to create a strong research environment that, with different perspectives and inputs, illuminates the issuse of housing in an ever-changing society.

Research projects


Selected other publications

Grundström (2022) - Journal article

Shared Housing as Public Space? The Ambiguous Borders of Social Infrastructure

Grander & Sandberg (2022) - Chapter in book

En god bostad? Om bostadsyta som kvalitet i en tid av ojämlikhet

Gustafsson (2022) - Chapter in book

Lägenhetsrenoveringar och rätten till bostad

Samzelius (2022) - Chapter in book

Bostadens emancipatoriska betydelse: Den svenska jämställdhetspolitikens blinda fläck?

Westerdahl & Grander (2022) - Chapter in book

Marknadens kalkyler och rätten till bostad

Grander & Frisch (2022) - Report

Segregation och segmentering i Trelleborg

Samzelius (2022) - Chapter in book

Den nya hemlösheten och fattigdomsparadoxen i det sociala arbetets praktik

Grander, Roelofs & Salonen (2021) - Journal article

Area-based development initiatives: a means to an end or an end in itself? – a literature overview on the case of Sweden

Grundström (2021) - Journal article

Sharing is caring?: Kollektivhus, residential hotels and co-living in the context of housing inequality in Sweden

Salonen (2021) - Book

Samhällsbygget Gårdsten: Allmännyttans framtid?

Jensen & Söderberg (2021) - Journal article

Governing urban diversity through myths of national sameness: a comparative analysis of Denmark and Sweden

Westerdahl (2021) - Journal article

Yield and the city: Swedish public housing and the political significance of changed accounting practices

Righard (2021) - Journal article

Researching the Dynamics of National Social Policy in a Globalized Society: A Proposal for a De-Nationalized Analytical Framework

Grander (2021) - Journal article

The inbetweeners of the housing markets: Young adults facing housing inequality in Malmö, Sweden

Thapar-Björkert & Villacura (2021) - Article

Röster från Järva: covid-19, segregation och det vardagliga livet

Samzelius (2020) - Doctoral dissertation

A vicious circle of silent exclusion: family homelessness and poverty in Sweden from a single mother perspective

Grander & Salonen (2020) - Article

Ökad ojämlikhet i boendet i spåren av coronapandemin

Grander (2020) - Book

Allmännyttan och jämlikheten: Svensk bostadspolitik vid vägskäl?

Roelofs & Salonen (2019) - Report

Insatser i utsatta områden: En analys av 20 års områdetutveckling och lärdomar inför framtiden

Salonen, Grander & Rasmusson (2019) - Report

Segregation och segmentering i Malmö

Rasmusson, Grander & Salonen (2018) - Report

Flyttkedjor: En litteraturöversikt över befintlig forskning om bostadsflyttkedjor