Contact person:
Martin Grander
  • Formas
Responsible at MaU:
Martin Grander
Collaborators :
  • MKB Fastighets AB
  • Förvaltnings AB Framtiden
Time frame:
01 September 2023 - 31 August 2026
Research subject:

About the project

This collaborative project takes a comprehensive approach to the issue of socially sustainable housing provision. Through a holistic perspective, the project intends to test and evaluate innovative approaches at the regional, municipal, and local scale under the umbrella of 'equal access to housing and living environments'. The project is a cooperation between actors from different societal sectors at different scalar levels and the aim is to investigate and test how different actors' room for action can be expanded to contribute innovatively to a socially sustainable housing provision.

Three sub-studies

In the project, three sub-studies are carried out at different scale levels:

  1. A road map for regional housing provision.
  2. A municipal model for an expanded strategic room for action.
  3. Property owner model for socially sustainable new production and mobility in the housing stock.

In addition, ongoing research is carried out on social interaction in housing provision.


In sum, the project strives for new solutions to four problems linked to socially sustainable housing provision:

  1. the inter-municipal segregation and the discrepancy between different municipalities' social housing provisions,
  2. the lack of knowledge-based municipal strategic analysis tools,
  3. the lack of knowledge base to create local solutions for affordable new housing construction and efficient utilization of the existing stock and
  4. the lack of knowledge about how housing provision can also contribute to social interaction.

Project partners

Malmö University, Region Skåne, Göteborgregionen (GR) and the City of Gothenburg. Supporting partners: MKB Fastighets AB and Förvaltnings AB Framtiden.