Emilia Bergmark, lecturer at the design unit at the faculty for Arts and communication Design (K3). Bergmark is a visual artist with a background in graphic design. She is guided in her teaching by an interest in tacit knowledge and how that may be transmitted. In 2016 Bergmark co-edited the book about design education ’Taking a Line for a Walk, assignments in design education’ (Leipzig, Spector Books, 2016), which was printed in a second edition in 2021.

In her artistic practice Bergmark turns to quotidian stories and observations, to develop poetic and humorous installations that combine sculpture, writing, interior design, film and print. An ongoing strand of her research explores non-human objects from an anthropocentric viewpoint, analysing and critiquing the systems by which humankind imposes order and meaning on the world. By giving voice to the non-human she creates tragicomic scenes which poke fun at the idiosyncrasies of modern humanity.