Emma Lundin has a PhD in history from Birkbeck, University of London. Her doctoral thesis - 'Practical Solidarity: Connections between Swedish Social Democratic women and women in the ANC, 1960-1994' - was passed without corrections in 2016. It explored the historical impact of informal cross-border relationships in national and international settings, and how these have informed ideas about gender and equality.

As a historian, Emma is interested in 20th-century liberation movements and philosophies in a global perspective, often connected to southern Africa and northern Europe. Decolonisation, freedom struggles, social democracy and socialism, feminism and minority rights are all important themes. She has previously taught at Queen Mary University of London, King's College London, Goldsmiths, University College London and Birkbeck, and is the producer and co-host of a history podcast - Tomorrow Never Knows - with fellow historian Charlotte Lydia Riley.