At Malmö University, the research subject of history centres around how society, people's living conditions, and experiences change over time. The research is characterised by several specialisations.

History Didactics

In history research, there are history didactics about issues concerning cultural heritage, the use of history, and the teaching of history. The subject reflects how history is produced, communicated and received in educational contexts, as well as in society at large.

Social and cultural history

Social and cultural history research is also carried out with a focus on social and political movements, youth, and popular culture. This is characterised by an effort to write history from a grassroot's perspective in order to make the views and experiences of previously marginalised groups visible. In this context, oral history plays an important role.

The research is characterised by an interest in issues of ethnicity, generation, gender, class, and transnationality. By putting these in a perspective of change, new knowledge can be created about multicultural contexts and globalisation processes in our time.

Researchers, publications and projects

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