I teach history in the teacher programme for prospective history teachers and history and geography in the primary school teacher training programme.

My research focuses on issues of historical consciousness, use of history and historical culture. Mainly how these concepts affect the teaching of history in Swedish schools. I have also looked at moral issues and controversial topics in school history teaching.

I am also part of the research community Disciplinary Literacy and Inclusive Teaching at Malmö University. Here I pay attention to questions about how we can facilitate the subject of history for students and what it means to be good at history in school.

I am currently supervising a PhD student who is researching what the digitalisation in Swedish schools has meant for Swedish history teaching.

I also lead a research group at Malmö University within an Erasmus+ project together with several universities around Europe. The project is led by the University of Murcia. The project develops common curricula for upper secondary schools based on history from below. It will also build a website with curricula, exercises and teaching materials for both students and teachers.

I am also part of an international network funded by the Swedish Research Council - International Network of Historical consciousness and Democratic consciousness. This is a collaboration with researchers from all continents, where we are looking for links between historical consciousness and democratic values.

Research Projects

You can find previous research projects in the Diva database.