Hussan Munir is an Assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology at Malmö University. He finished his Ph.D. in Software Engineering from Lund University in 2018. Later, he worked as a developer advocate at Axis Communications where his main responsibility was to drive the open-source transition in Axis Camera Application Platforms and setting up an open-source community named Unimatrix under Linux foundation. Unimatrix community intends to target the camera analytics market by enabling development and deploying machine learning applications on edge and cloud. He was also involved in developing an open-source strategy for Axis communications.

His research is conducted in the area of software engineering and encompasses open source contribution strategies, IoT platforms, digital business models using open-source, test-driven development. The research is conducted in close collaboration with the industry. The research partners included Sony Mobile, Volvo Cars, Axis Communications, and Scania. OSS is taking a central role in the development of products and services offered by any company. Often companies start using OSS in an ad-hoc manner with no engineering or business objectives outlined for the success of the company. Open source contribution strategies research outcome helped companies to make critical business decisions regarding what to conceal and what to reveal to maximize the business value by creating an ecosystem. The research was performed on Sony Mobile’s Android phone development and IoT platform (i.e., fleet management system). The IoT platforms chosen for case studies were investigated to set-up new digital business models based on open source. Furthermore, his research also focuses on how to set up an open-source program office to tackle engineering (e.g., compliance, distribution, intake, etc.) and business-driven (e.g., platform and tools, open data, ecosystem, services, etc. ) challenges in the company.