My research topics are the political economy of rental housing, municipal governance, and housing inequality.

I am currently working in the Formas-financed project "Municipal governance and changing local rental markets: medium-sized municipalities’ strategies when meeting residential property investors". The project aims to investigate municipal governance and residential property investors’ establishment in medium-sized municipalities. (Project time 2023-2025).

I also work in a research project at Stockholm university, investigating Renovations, privatizations and conversions of rental housing together with Ida Borg (PI) and Eva Andersson (Vetenskapsrådet).

In my thesis I investigated, with the city of Malmö as a departure point, the role of public housing historically until today, but also how private rental landlords use renovations as a value-adding strategy, exemplifying financialization of rental housing in the Swedish context. I also investigated urban regeneration, specifically how the project ‘Culture Casbah’ enmeshes political-economic housing and urban changes.

Research interests: rental housing, public housing, renovations, the right to housing, local state, neoliberalism, financialization, political-economy

Previous projects: "Trajectories of vulnerability: A spatial perspective. (Utsatthet i longitudinella data: Ett geografiskt perspektiv.) Project time 2021-2023. The Swedish Research Council, PI Eva Andersson. VR, 2020-01046.