I am an Engineer from Colombia who loves teaching and have been working as a math and science teacher in secondary schools. I have a master’s degree in education focused in digital technologies (ICTs) applied to teaching. My main interest, as a teacher, is to help students to be aware of the worthwhile of their education, transforming their identities, understanding their role as math and science learners and proposing solutions to global problems such as Environmental Sustainability crisis. I have been participating as a leader teacher in the Climate Action Project with students and teachers around the world.

As a researcher I am interested in exploring 7-9 grade students identities and empowerment during computer programming activities in mathematics and science lessons. I am particulary interested in how available discursive practices around programming at the level school institution is forming and transforming students identities and is opening or closing possibilities for students empowerment. I am also interested in exploring how breaking traditional structures of teaching-learning could enable/disable another possibilities of being and doing in the classroom.