Maria Hellström Reimer is professor in design in theory and practice.

"—A broad interest in creativity, knowledge production and societal issues led me to make the move from the field of visual art to the field of design research. Central to my research is the situating of design practice in a wider cultural context of artistic experimentation and critical reflection. Design research should not only engage in the interpretation and development of artefacts, environments and methods. It should also actively challenge and expand the material and social conditions for co-existence. At present, I am coordinating and participating in a number of interdisciplinary research projects within the fields of design, architecture, urban and cultural studies. Recent writings include titles such as “Cut, Make and Trim: Fast Fashion Urbanism in the Residues of Rana Plaza” (in Frichot, Gabrielsson, Metzger, eds., Deleuze and the City. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2016); “Playing the Green Card: The Commodifying Fiction of a Derivative Jardin-Forêt” (in Architecture and Culture, Vol. 5 2017, special issue “Solids and Flows: Architecture and Capitalism”), and "Situating Thirdness — Considering artistic design research from a Swedish vantage point including voices from the field" (with Ramia Mazé, forthcoming). I am engaged in questions concerning research strategy and methodological development from the perspective of experimental design research and environmental humanities, and I take active part in the development and coordination of international research initiatives in Europe and elsewhere. During 2019 I was visiting professor at Cornell University, USA."