Per-Markku Ristilammi received his PhD in Ethnology 1994 from Lund University with a dissertation titled Rosengård och den svarta Poesin. En studie av modern annorlundahet (Rosengård and the Black Poetry. A study of Modern Alterity) that dealt with the construction of alterity in the city. From 1999 and onwards Ristilammi has been engaged in several research projects concerning integration in the Öresund region. Ristilammi has been Research Fellow at the Department of European Ethnology at Lund University and external Assist. Prof at the department of Ethnology at the University of Copenhagen. Spring 1999 he was resident Fellow at SCASSS (The Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences) in Uppsala. From 1999 and onwards he has occupied several different positions at Malmö University. He is currently Professor in Ethnology at the department of Urban studies. He is also director of IMH (Institute for Studies in Malmö’s History)