Robin Ekelund holds a PhD in History. His research focuses on contemporary memory practices and history culture with a particular interest in digital settings, social media and most specifically Facebook. He teaches and leads courses on cultural history, cultural analysis, gender and intersectionality, theory of sciences, methods, academic writing, and degree projects on both basic and advanced levels.

Ekelund is, together with Anne Berg (University of Gothenburg) editor of Historisk tidskrift. He has previously also been a guest editor together with Karin Hassan Jansson for a themed issue on Empiri which was published in 2022 in the same journal.

During 2023, Ekelund arranged, with funding from the Riksbanken Jubileumsfond, two workshops on the theme of digital memory and history culture in which researchers from all Nordic countries and several different disciplines and subjects participated. These workshops have since formed the basis of a Nordic research network for this research orientation.

During 2019 and 2020 he worked on a postdoc project funded by the Crafoord Foundation with the title "History online. On the production of historical knowledge in digital communities". The purpose of the project was to explore how history, memories and knowledge about the past is produced by history interested groups of people on Facebook. Articles from the project has been published (accepted for publication) in the journals Memory Studies and Culture Unbound (will be published during 2022), as well as in a chapter in the edited volume Cross-Sections. Ekelund has also published an introduction to the field of Digital Memory Studies (in Swedish) in the journal Scandia (2020).

Ekelund gained his PhD in 2017 on a dissertation on the contemporary subcultural retro mod scene (written in Swedish, with an English summary). In the dissertation Ekelund studies how actors within the contemporary Swedish mod scene produces and performs associations with the 1960's and the origins of the mod culture.

During the fall of 2018, Ekelund did a short postdoc research project on the experiences of young Swedish men who are actively engaged in feminist groups and settings. This research was published in a special issue on men and masculinities in Culture Unbound (2020).

Research Projects

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