Child and youth studies is an interdisciplinary field with a focus on childhood as both a period in life and as a social structure. Children’s lives, experiences, relations and everyday life are central to researchers in the field.

How different actors and instructions contribute to the formation of children’s lives and how children themselves relate to these formations are important within child and youth studies.

Children’s experiences of digitalisation, migration, mobility, environmental change, scarcity, segregation, participation, and play are studied in relation to children’s lives in schools, leisure homes and preschools. A central assumption is that children are political subjects. The researchers in child and youth studies at the Department of Childhood, Education and Society at Malmö University have their disciplinary belonging in the fields of social work, media and communication studies, education, political science, history, gender studies, ethnology, anthropology of religion and migration studies.

The researcher in child and youth studies at Malmö University is teaching and supervising at different educational levels within the University. They also conduct different research projects within the field.

Researchers, publications and projects

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