My name is Vildana Bašić and I am a PhD student at the graduate school RelMaS. In my research, I plan to use participatory action research and transformative learning to explore students', teachers' and science professions' changes in motivation and interest in career learning in teaching.

As a teacher and principal teacher, I have extensive experience in working with "Collaboration school - work life" and Sustainable Development. My experience and teaching style have contributed to several exciting experiences where I have had the opportunity to develop in school development, leadership and learning.

I have:

  • Lectured in the course Teaching for sustainability at MAU.

  • Lectured at MAU LS competence development day with a focus on Agenda 2030.

  • Recorded a podcast for the Swedish council for higher education's podcast on "Collaboration school - work life" and learning for sustainable development.

  • Worked with "Uppdrag framtid" and "Klimatkompis" for Utbildningsradio.

  • Contributed with a conference paper to the Teachers' School Development Conference 2021. This conference paper has been developed into an article.

  • Lectured and contributed with development material at SSA national conference 2021.

  • Planned, organized and implemented Caretakers of the environment international conference 2021 and 2022.

  • Participated in WWF Sweden's MOOC "Lead a school/preschool for sustainable development - a Whole School Approach". You can listen to my thoughts and reflections in part 4. Collaboration with the surrounding community – working with authentic issues. (This MOOC is in Swedish)

  • Contributed with a conference paper to the Teachers' School Development Conference 2023. This conference paper has been publishe in Lärarnas skolutvecklingskonferens - Syntes.

  • Carried out inspirational lectures for pedagogues and teachers on Sustainable Development as well as teaching using the Sustainable Development Goals as a resource for transdisciplinary teaching.

  • Planning and organizing the Caretakers of the Environment International conference 2024 in Landskrona city. The theme for this year's conference will be: Education, Regulation and Collaboration towards a Sustainable Future.

During 2023-2024 I teach:

  • Seminar for educators and teachers with a focus on learning for sustainable development. This will be implemented in collaboration with the Center for Collaboration and Coordination at the Faculty of Learning and Society.