Contact person:
Dana Hagström
  • Forte
Project members at MaU:
Time frame:
01 September 2021 - 01 May 2025
Research subject:

Project description

Being able to communicate, understand and to be understood is the basis for human relations, and a right that is emphasized in the UN Declaration of Human Rights. In elderly care settings, communication difficulties often arise between clients and staff and can stand in the way of the clients opportunities for participation and self-determination. Alternative communication in the form of methods and tools can often facilitate in these cases, but only if they are in place and used.

The intention of this project is to explore the practice of alternative ways of communicating where communicative difficulties may arise between clients and staff. The goal is to gain knowledge about the experience regarding alternative communication methods in elderly care settings to see whether these are perceived to enable participation and self-determination or not. The study is expected to begin in September 2022.