Contact person:
Josepha Wessels
  • FORMAS Swedish government research council for sustainable development
Responsible at MaU:
Josepha Wessels
Collaborators :
  • Associate Professor Sumaya Zakieldeen University of Khartoum Sudan
  • Professor Barbara Casciarri Université de Vincennes - Paris 8 France
Time frame:
01 March 2024 - 31 March 2025

About the project

Sudan is at the frontline of global climate change. This project strengthens collaboration between researchers and practitioners in Sweden and Sudan with respect to climate change action, migration and disaster risk reduction. The proposal builds upon initial research collaboration to further formulate joint initiatives to achieve the SDGs, in particular SDGs 10, 13 and 17, calling for a reduction of inequalities, urgent action to combat climate change, and strengthening partnerships. Malmö University and the University of Khartoum developed tools such as detailed story mapping of climate change impact in Sudan and participatory community engagement with local communities heavily affected by climate change. The initiative also developed innovative climate change storytelling using Virtual Reality (VR) video technology. The network approach used for this grant will be based on offline and online gatherings, using Malmö University’s high-end hybrid facilities and VR digital environments for interactive workshops. VR technology is used for online collaboration with partners from Sudan besides in-person meetings. In 2022, its Communication for Development group successfully implemented VR technology in its remote teaching in the MA course on Communication for Development. The group used a hybrid learning environment in Virtual Reality with partners in Sweden and the Global South which can be applied in this collaboration project.