Contact person:
Carin Cuadra
  • Formas
Project members at MaU:
Collaborators :
  • Christian Björneland Miljöförvaltningen Malmö stad
  • Joakim Nordqvist Miljöförvaltningen Malmö stad
  • Trevor Graham Miljöförvaltningen Malmö stad
  • Erin Kennedy Trunoda Socialhögskolan Lunds universitet
Time frame:
01 December 2022 - 31 January 2024
Research subject:

About the project

Neutralpositive Malmö explores how the city’s work to become climate neutral in 2030 can lead to a positive development for the quality of life of low-income communities with the lowest emissions, and simultaneously work with high-income communities with the highest emissions to decrease their climate impact with a neutral impact on their perceived quality of life. The City of Malmö and Malmö University build on a long tradition of cooperation and transdisciplinary co-creation. Through knowledge analyses and innovative dialogue processes with community stakeholders and city-wide strategists, we will identify risks, opportunities, and potential for a more equitable development through the climate transition.

The knowledge generated will contribute to the development of an area-based climate transition programme where technical focus areas are dealt with in a holistic manner together with local communities, and where system perspectives and local perspectives strengthen each other. This can increase engagement, create opportunities for new activity, services, and jobs and contribute to a wider mobilisation where climate transition becomes a broader societal development issue that strengthens economic development, labour market, and social cohesion.