Contact person:
Christina Lindkvist
  • Vinnova
Responsible at MaU:
Christina Lindkvist
Project members at MaU:
External project members:
  • Kristoffer Mattisson – Lund University Sweden
  • Tom Rye – Högskolan Molde Norway
  • Sonia Chardonnel – Université Grenoble Alpes France
  • Maciej Michnej –Politechnika Krakowska Polen
  • Marcin Wolek – Gdansk University Polen
  • Oriol Marquet – Universitat Autonòma de Barcelona Spain
  • Nazan Kocak – Gazi University Turkey
Collaborators :
  • Skånetrafiken Malmö Sweden
  • Västtrafik Göteborg Sweden
  • K2 Sweden's national centre for research and education on public transport
  • Koszalin Polen
  • Agence d'Urbanisme de la region Grenobloise France
  • Bodrum Turkey
Time frame:
01 November 2023 - 31 December 2026

About the project

The purpose of this interdisciplinary project is to develop knowledge that can contribute to more informed planning and decision-making policy instruments for the 15-minute city focusing on environmental and social justice. The location of welfare services as well as the decisions where to localize these services will be analyzed from its consequences for different social groups. The project takes place in collaboration with universities, municipalities, and public transport operators in Sweden and Europe.