Contact person:
Dino Knudsen
  • Interne midler ved MaU
Responsible at MaU:
Dino Knudsen
Time frame:
01 July 2021 - 01 July 2026
Research environment :

About the project

In an era where intelligence services, BigTech and specialized actors have acquired unprecedented capabilities for the manipulation of public discourse and the cultural environment, this project investigates the historical antecedent of how the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF), which was largely but secretly funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), influenced cultural life in the Nordic countries during the first decades of the Cold War. The project involves previously inaccessible sources from particularly the 1960s. Its results will be disseminated by publishing scientific articles and a research monograph (Gads Forlag), and inform an art exhibition at the contemporary art centre O - Overgaden (Copenhagen).