Contact person:
Sayaka Osanami Törngren
  • Swedish Research Council
Responsible at MaU:
Sayaka Osanami Törngren
Project members at MaU:
External project members:
  • Nils Holmberg - Lund University
Collaborators :
  • Clarie Karlsson - Mitt Liv
Time frame:
01 December 2023 - 30 September 2024

Project description

Dissemination of knowledge about labor market discrimination is urgent in Sweden where disparities in unemployment rate between the native- and foreign-born population persists. The purpose of this12-months research communication project is to co-create information content through a cross-sectoral collaboration to raise awareness on why and how employment discrimination may occur. Effective research communication can boost long term cognitive competencies for individuals to make non-discriminatory choices and mitigate discriminatory practices.

The project will disseminate information contents, evaluate how they are perceived and
how they can potentially function as a form of cognitive boosts which not only brings short-term impact on attitudes and knowledge, but also long-term impact on equity.

The project consists of four activities:

  1. Seminar series for dissemination of results (Month 1-3)
  2. Co-creation of information content (Month 2-5)
  3. Dissemination of co-created information content through cross-sectoral collaboration (Month 4-9)
  4. Evaluation of information contents (Month 7-12)

Our main target group will be the employers in private, public and the non-profit sectors. However, we also identify the general audience as secondary target group who will benefit from the dissemination of information contents. The project will be conducted by two researchers who collaborate with students and organizations within and outside of academia nationally and internationally.