The focus of the research is formation, education and innovative learning processes in order to give present and future citizens of the society the prerequisites and abilities to meet and solve contemporary and future societal challenges. The specific knowledge contribution consists of results that can be interpreted, understood and used to contribute to social development by giving citizens the necessary conditions.

The research platform is located at the Department of School Development and Leadership within Malmö University and is open to anyone interested in educational issues within primary, upper secondary and higher education and non-institutionalized learning.

Research projects

Research in the environment is funded by Malmö University, the City of Malmö, external funders and national graduate schools.

Research groups

Research on Diversity in Education and Society (ReDES)

ReDES research group consists of researchers, teachers and PhD-students, preferably from the Institution School Development and Leadership but also from other institutions at the Faculty Learning and Society. A central theme in the group's research is diversity, which is studied in relation to teaching, learning, language/multilingualism, communication, profession, ethics, health and cooperation. The results of the conducted research in the group can be especially beneficial for future and active special pedagogy teachers, student health teams and teachers at different levels in the education system.

Everyone with an interest in diversity, pedagogy/special pedagogy and public health from a societal perspective are welcome to take part in the groups activities. The research platform's and the research group's common work is mainly represented by seminars with the purpose of reading and acting as critical friends to each other’s scientific texts, write research grant applications and prepare conference participation.

The research group is led by


Phenomenography, Variation Theory and Learning Study (PeVALS)

The common theoretical base is research on phenomenography, variation theory as theoretical perspectives on learning, but also action research and improvement science. Based on these approaches, the group studies intentional learning at pre-school or school together with teachers, with a focus on the learner’s perspectives. By studying the relationship between instruction and learning processes, results are used to develop learning and design new teaching approaches based on scientific knowledge.


The research group is lead by



Research on Vocational Education and Training (ReVET)


Forskargruppen leds av

Jakob Billmayer

Maria Johansson

Forskargruppen leds av

Vanja Lozic

Tuija Muhonen

PhD Studies

Postgraduate education takes place in Pedagogy and Special education.

PhD students

Adrian Lundberg
Birgitta Lansheim
Inger Eriksson
Majid Jaffari

PhD students in SET

Balli Lelinge
Birgitta Lundbäck
Camilla Nilvius
Catarina Wästerlid
Emma Leifler
Helen Egerhag
Helena Sjunnesson
Johanna Lüddeckens
Kamilla Klefbeck
Linda Petersson
Linda Plantin Ewe
Malin Gardesten