I work as an assistant professor in mathematics education, with both research and teaching. I am also the director of studies for the reserach enviroment of sicence and mathematics education.

My research area is special educational needs in mathematics, SEM. I interpret this term broadly and use it to describe students who are in need of something special beyond the ordinary teaching in the classroom, which implies that there can be students who struggle to gain access to mathematics, as well as students who have great access to the mathematics presented in the classroom, and need challenges to progress in their mathematics learning.

From the perspective of special educational needs, I do research on inclusion and equity in mathematics. Other concepts that are central to my research are participation and a school for all, mathematics difficulties and early interventions.

I am currently running two research projects; the matheamtics is MInE (mathematics education for Inclusion and Equity) and SMADA (Specific mathematics difficulties – diagnosis and pedagogical and didactical actions). I am also a co-funder of a project called DVI (Diversity Valued Instruction).