Jenny Jakobsson is a Specialist nurse in surgical care and Associate senior lecturer at the Department of Care Science. Jenny value research that is grounded in patients experiences, related to the profession, and clinically applicable. Her main research interest concerns care of surgical patients and especially how patients experience recovery after surgery. However, she is also involved in research focusing on pedagogics and profession, hence, she aims to contribute to prepare nursing students for their future profession and to create opportunities for a sustainable working life.

Since 2019, Jenny has held a position as an Associate senior lecturer and with grants from AFA Insurance been the principal investigator in a project focusing on workplace violence directed at nurses and assistant nurses working on surgical wards. This research has been conducted in collaboration with the Centre of Work Life and Evaluation Studies, CTA, at Malmö university. Besides this, Jenny is collaborating with researchers from different universities in Sweden in a project investigating factors that promote professional development in Specialist nurses in surgical care.

Jenny is a member of the steeringcommitee of the research platform Research Informed Development of Higher Education, RIDHE. Within the framework of RIDHE, the project Setting Priorities for Research on Interprofessional Learning in Health Care Education is conducted, which aims to identify, with the help of students, teachers and clinicians, the most central research questions regarding interprofessional learning. The method is inspired by the structure described by the James Lind Alliance. Further, together with colleagues at the University of Central Missouri, the instrument Cap-ExpresSTM is undergoing a translationprocess. This instrument aims at self-assessment of supervisors' perceptions of how prepared they are to supervise in clinical practice. The research team in Malmö also consists of Professor Elisabeth Carlson, Senior professor Mariette Bengtsson, and Assistant senior lecturer Elin Taube. The instrument will be psychometrically tested for use in a larger international empirical study.