Care science research is multidisciplinary and covers all aspects of human life. In addition, it has a focus on the organisation and practice of nursing. At Malmö University, care sciences research is conducted across six areas, all with the aim of contributing to equality in care and health.

About the research subject

Part of this multidisciplinary subject is nursing, this has a focus on health, healthcare, promotion and prevention for different groups of people in society. Care science extends from the very start of an individual’s life to old age and covers both death and dying. It includes:

  • knowledge of life with disabilities
  • long-term illness
  • physical and mental health

It also includes the organisation of nursing work, the conditions of nursing education, and evidence-based practice. Care science is therefore comprehensive with a clear focus on person-centring where the perspectives of persons/patients and participation in different care and care contexts are emphasised. The research is conducted across six research areas.

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Doctoral studies in Care Science

Malmö University offers doctoral studies in Care science.

The subject field of caring science is multi-disciplinary and multi-professional. It encompasses theories and methods for studying problems, processes, factors, and interventions related to physical and mental ill-health.

One area of caring science is nursing, which encompasses the prevention, support, caring, and rehabilitation in health services and patient care in different environments and contexts.

Contact for doctoral studies in Care science: Elisabeth Carlson

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