I am a PhD student in Education and part of the research school PRECEC (Play responsive teaching in Early Childhood Education and Care). My research interests concentrate on children's education with a focus on teaching and/or its relation to play in preschool. By studying teaching in preschool, I explore what teaching can be and what teaching can become in children's education in preschool. Through a multi-ethnographic method with a video camera as a tool, teaching is studied in different places. Teaching is explored in relation to play in an open exploration where I follow and study the object teaching in three different places. The different places are, preschool practice, documents such as curricula, parliamentary debates, media texts and the state's public investigations and in educational philosophy.

The thesis is written within the framework of a compilation thesis in which, in addition to kappa, various issues are examined in articles. Together, these should be understood to form a basis for contributions to the theory development of play-responsive teaching and a contribution to what teaching in preschool can be and what it can become.

My background as an early childhood educator, gender educator, primary school teacher and development leader has given me a broad experience of educational issues in practice. My master's thesis paved the way for an in-depth theoretical exploration of education in preschool and was based on action research and conducted together with preschool teachers in Burlöv municipality.

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