I have a PhD in science and mathematics education, appointed as university lecturer in educational science at the Department of Science, Mathematics and Society. In my doctoral thesis (2015) I studied the international knowledge assessment PISA, focusing on the scientific part of the assessment. Since then, I have continued to be interested in knowledge measurement and education policy, and the relationship between research/science and the surrounding society. Not least, this applies to the interaction between research, media and policy/politics. I mainly teach courses within the educational science core of the teacher training courses and then with a focus on the above areas. During the years 2018-2021, I have mainly dedicated my research time to the interdisciplinary research project Utbildning AB (Education Inc.), funded by the Swedish Research Council/Crafoord. I am one of four researchers in a ULF network at the faculty, where we, in collaboration with five local education authorities, examine the local administrations of systematic quality work. Since 2022, I am part of the research network STS in Education, STudieS. Since 2018, I have been deputy dean at the Faculty for Education and Society, with responsibility for collaboration issues. In that role, I am responsible for the development of the LS Center for Collaboration (CeSam) and for the national experimental activity (försöksverksamhet) for ‘practice-near’ research, ULF.

Research Projects

You can find previous research projects in the Diva database.