Associate professor in Swedish as a second language, senior lecturer in Swedish as a second language, PhD in Swedish and education.

Pia Nygård Larsson´s research interests include teaching and learning from the perspectives of multilingualism, classroom discourse and disciplinary literacy in various school subjects. The research has been conducted within several research projects, currently within the research programme Disciplinary Literacy and Inclusive Teaching, LIT ( (2018-2023). Pia Nygård Larsson has also received funding from the Swedish Research Council for a four-year project (2022-2025).

Research projects (selection):

2022–2025. “Spaces for Multilingualism? An interdisciplinary study of pedagogical potentials and limitations of multilingual approaches and activities in mathematics and science education.” Swedish Research Council. Project leader Pia Nygård Larsson. Malmö University.

2015–2018. “Development of Scientific Literacy: A multidisciplinary study of teachers, students and texts in multilingual secondary schools (SALT)”. Swedish Research Council. Project leader Maaike Hajer. Malmö University.

2013–2016. “The relation between trends on large-scale science studies and how teaching and learning are constituted in science classrooms (SONAT)”. Wallenberg Foundation. Project leader Anders Jakobsson. Malmö University.