I hold a PhD in media and communication studies from Lund University where I graduated in 2012 with the thesis Radical Online Video. YouTube, video activism and social movement media practices. My research interests fall in the area of media, political engagement and collective action and identities. Within this broad and interdisciplinary field of research, the bulk of my published work deals with media practices in the context of social justice and climate change movements with an empirical focus on political mobilisations and activist networks in Europe.

A second line of inquiry in my research concerns digital media practices in extreme-right activism and propaganda. In January 2018, I started working on the research project Digital radicalization, analogue extremism? (Wallenberg 2018-2022), with colleagues in sociology of crime. This project deals specifically with the role of online media in salafist-jihadist movements and neo-Nazi movements in Sweden.

Finally, I take an interest in issues of cultural citizenship; the interplay between popular culture and civic engagement, and have done research on the role of television entertainment in shaping civic identity, community and political engagement.