Tina Askanius is professor in media and communication studies at the School of Arts and Communication, Malmö University and affiliated researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm and Södertörn University. Her research broadly concerns the interplay between social movements and digital media and spans topics such as media practices of social justice movements, and the role of online media in the mobilisation of far-right extremism and white supremacist movements including the neo-Nazi movement in Sweden.

As part of a series of international research projects in the field, she is currently working on questions related to the circulation and normalization of extremist narratives in areas related to migration, gender, climate change and public health (OppAttune, Horizon Europe 2023-2025) and online discourse at the intersections of far-right extremism, gender and violent misogyny in digital environments (Networked misogyny in Sweden, Germany and Russia: articulations, intersections and transnational flows, ÖSS 2024-2026).