I am an Associate Professor in media and communication studies at the School of Arts and Communication at Malmö University. My research broadly concerns the relationship between social movements, media technologies and processes of mediation. I hold a PhD in media and communication studies from Lund University, where I defended the thesis Radical Online Video. YouTube, video activism and social movement media practices in November 2012. The overarching question of how to understand the changing relationship between media, civic engagement and political mobilisations in an age of digital and ubiquitous media was at the heart of my doctoral thesis and still shapes my profile and orientation as a researcher today. My published work mainly concerns the relationship between social movements and social media in the context of social justice movements including the climate justice movement and feminist movements, and extreme right movements, including the neo-Nazi movement. I am currently working on a four year research project, Digital radicalisation, analogue extremism? (The Wallenberg Foundation 2018-2022) on the media practices of extreme right movements in Sweden as well as a three year project (MSB 2020-2023) on the role of media in violent extremism examining far-right political mobilisations in the context of Sweden, Canada and the US specifically.