Media and Communication Studies at K3 focuses on the significance of media for culture and society and for human thinking and everyday life, from both historical and contemporary perspectives. The subject includes traditional mass media as well as digital media. Parts of the research are carried out within the interdisciplinary field of Communication for Development.

While Media and Communication Studies traditionally has been analytically and critically oriented, those approaches have increasingly been supplemented with practice and art-based research, which is central to the subject at Malmö University.

Research projects oriented towards Media and Communication Studies have a focus on analyses of:

  • digital media
  • activism and social movements
  • media production processes and journalism
  • audience engagement and listening practices
  • political communication
  • migration
  • algorithms, datafication and data cultures
  • extremism and online radicalization
  • crisis communication
  • museums, art curation and archival practices.

A critical approach unites these diverse projects, focussing on changing power relations, and contestations at the intersectionality of e.g. class, gender, age, race, ethnicity and sexuality.

Communication for Development

Communication for Development at K3 is an interdisciplinary research field combining communication studies and development studies focusing on culture, media, communication and development. Research within this field explores communication within contexts of articulating global and local processes of social change. Its multidisciplinary academic foundations draw on development studies, anthropology, sociology, human geography, migration and cultural studies in relation to communication for (sustainable) development, through critical and practical lenses involving culture and social-change oriented questions from a global perspective.

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PhD studies

Malmö University offers PhD studies in Media and communication studies.

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