Contact person:
Martin Grander
  • MKB Fastighets AB
Responsible at MaU:
Martin Grander
Project members at MaU:
Time frame:
01 May 2021 - 30 April 2031
Research environment :

About the project

This ongoing research project takes a comprehensive approach to the issue of segregation in Malmö, especially the development in its so-called "socially vulnerable areas" and the municipal housing company's MKB's role in the development. Through a research approach consisting of three sub-projects that bring together quantitative and qualitative methods, the purpose of the project is to follow and evaluate MKB's work for 10 years to promote a less segregated and more socially mixed city.

The following issues govern the assignment:

  1. How are the living conditions in marginalized housing areas in Malmö developing as a result of MKB's efforts in these areas?
  2. What effect do the company's social efforts have on the city, area and individual level?
  3. Does MKB's efforts lead to a more socially mixed city and what effects does it have on the city, area and individual level?

The study consists of three sub-projects that run over different time horizons. The basis is long-term quantitative follow-up research of the development in the so-called marginalized or vulnerable residential areas in the city (subproject 1). In addition, a qualitative tool for following up the value of social initiatives in MKB's housing areas is developed (subproject 2). Finally, an evaluation is made of the company's aspirations for socially mixed housing areas, a study that follows the results of MKB's various strategies for creating a social mix in both new and existing housing stock (subproject 3).