Contact person:
Eva Wennås Brante
  • EU
Responsible at MaU:
Eva Wennås Brante
Project members at MaU:
Collaborators :
  • University of Florence
  • Universidad de Cantabria
  • Wide services. E-learning solutions
  • European Development Agency - EUDA
Time frame:
01 December 2022 - 31 July 2024
Research subject:

About the project

ORWELL supports the digital transformation plans of higher education institutions and the creation of a high-performing digital education ecosystem by focusing on two main priorities:

  1. Addressing digital transformation through the development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity
  2. Stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices. We will focus on students’ digital writing.

Writing is a fundamental skill. People use this versatile skill for several functions, including learning new ideas, supporting reflection, recording information or exploring the meaning of events and situations.


The general objective of ORWELL is to support digital writing competencies in higher education. Today, more than ever, students are immersed in a technology-rich environment, which provides them with opportunities to improve and support fundamental skills such as writing. We interpret digital in two ways: students have to learn to write in digital spaces, and students have to learn to use digital tools to support their writing processes. Moreover, we identified three specific objectives that will help us address the general objective:

  1. Supporting higher education teachers in improving students’ writing competencies using technologies across disciplines.
  2. Supporting higher education students’ writing competencies in digital spaces.
  3. Supporting collaborative writing practices.